About us

About us

Enjaz Company is a Limited Liabilities company established in Gharyan (Reg. No  58206 ) offering smart archiving systems for different size of organizations  that improves the work processes.

We have an expert team with long years of experience to achieve our vision of delivering e-archiving solutions and establishing an integrated work environment with our consultancy with the best prices

Our Vision

To be the leading company in providing email services, digital archiving, and achieving the best-added value for our clients inside Libya.

Added Values to Our Clients

We are happy to see your uniqueness and being unique, we are working to reflect the best of your organization

Our mission

Excellence in customer service, providing innovative products and solutions that meet our client's requirements, live up to their expectation, being-updated to all that is new, and to achieve our client's aspirations at all levels

NeoLedge Partnership


It would be our pleasure to announce that Enjaz . is the partner of NeoLedge in Libya.

We work together in the field of e-archiving solution to maximize the benefit from our solutions.


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